Warreeny Project

A modern inspired home draws from mid-century aesthetics by incorporating horizontal planes, expansive glass and mixed mediums of timber, brick and concrete.

Sustainable limestone masonry has been handcrafted from recycled materials and juxtaposed with radial timber evokes texture and muted colours of its coastal surrounds.

The home adopts passive solar design features to achieve an 8.5 star energy efficiency rating. A central volume takes full advantage of the north orientation and thermal mass creating a comfortable internal temperature year round. Transparency and openness allow for abundant natural light to permeate internal spaces.


The intent of the interior design is a contemporary interpretation of mid-century residential style and has been executed beautifully with the use of walnut timber battens wrapped around a curved organic form.

Exposed ceiling beams create a graphic statement linking interior and exterior visually leading the eye from one space to the other. The vertical breezeblock wall adds complexity and layering to the outdoor zone to compliment and connect the natural surrounds.

Exterior and Interior specifications for this striking home have been curated to deliver a luxurious lifestyle, sustainably.