Hereward Project

The Hereward Project embraces dark hues which imbue a style and sophistication not usually associated with traditional Australian beach houses. The home is located within close proximity to the beach and is surrounded by indigenous banksia trees which provide protection from the elements.

The dark cladding grounds and unites the home with its surroundings yet stands out against the landscape, almost as an extension of the dark earth. The approach to materiality was inspired by an overall feeling of the contemporary, one that would provide the perfect backdrop for its client’s lifestyle.

Key to the design and planning of Hereward Project is the encouraging of natural sunlight into the space, and allowing for a connection beyond the formal boundary of the built area. Interventions such as large glazing allow this conversation to occur. 

While some homes transform their dark and moody exterior with a drastically different interior, the Hereward Project sticks firmly to the a monochrome sensibility, with walls, joinery and furnishings adhering to the refined palette.